UT71E Top-end Digital Multimeter

UT71E Top-end Digital Multimeter

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The UT71E is a powerful top-end digital multimeter with features like power- measurement and analysis.  It can measure temperature, capacitance, frequency and power together with all the other standard multimeter measurements.  The UT71E has a built-in memory that can be used to store up to 100 measurements and a large display that includes a 5-digit display, two 4-digit displays, a bar graph and numerous icons.  Other functions included in this multimeter model are the backlight for use in the dark and a warning buzzer that alerts one when you plugged in the probes in the wrong input terminals. The UT71E has a build in pass-fail/high-low alarm.

Technical Specifications:

Basic Functions:
DC Voltage       :  0.01uV ~ 1000VAC
Voltage       :  0.01uV ~ 1000VAC
Bandwidth     :  100KHz
DC Current       :  0.01µA ~ 10A
AC Current       :  0.01µA ~ 10A
Resistance       :  0.01MΏ ~ 40MΏ
Capacitance      :  0.001nF ~ 40mF
Temperature      :  -40°C ~ 1000°C
Frequency        :  0.001MHz ~ 400MHz 
Duty Cycle       :  10% ~ 90%
4~20mA Current Loop : 0 ~ 100%
Power Measurement:  YES
Votage & Current :  AC + DC Measurement
Diode            :  YES
Continuity Buzzer:  YES

Special Functions:
Auto Ranging
Current Measurement Alarm
Function Set Up          
Auto Ranging
True RMS
Max/Min Mode
Relative Mode
Data Hold    
Double Display Backlight
Data Logging 100 Data Recall 
Sleep Mode                 
Low Battery Display        
Max. Display       :  40000
Analogue Bar Graph
Full Icon Display 
Peak Hold

Power              :  9V Battery (6F22)
LCD Size           :  73 x 50 mm
Product Colour     :  Red and Grey
Product Net Weight :  384g
Product Size       :  200 x 93 x 40mm

Package Includes:
UT71E Digital Multimeter, Multimeter test Lead, English Manual, Battery, Alligator Clip, USB Interface Cable, Software, Point Contact Temperature Probe, Travel Bag, Test Clip, Power Adaptor


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