UART Converter

UART Converter

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Simple Plug-and-Play USB to UART / TTL Converter

This USB2.0 to UART / TTL Converter is designed to allow simple rapid connection of microprocessors to a PC via the USB bus.  The UART / TTL converter connects to the target board via a simple 2.54mm SIL (single inline) header using only a Tx, Rx and Gnd line.  This TTL converter comes at an affordable price too.

Please note: not Windows 10 compatible.

UART Converter Hardware Features:

  • Baud Rate from 300 - 921.6 kbaud

  • Allows engineer to connect a target board directly to a PC without going through a RS232 level shifter like the MAX232.

  • Power Output to an external circuit, 5V @ 100mA

  • 4-way connector (Gnd, RX, TX and +5V)

  • All circuitry integrated into sleek, moulded USB plug

  • USB bus powered

UART Converter Software Specifications:

  • PC communicates as a standard serial device (COM port)

  • Compatible with legacy software and HyperTerminal

  • Plug and Play USB driver

UART Converter Setup:

  • Black cable        GND

  • White cable       RXD

  • Green cable      TXD

  • Red cable         VCC

The UART Adapter Package Includes:
USB to UART / TTL Converter


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