Stardard SD-Card Breakout Board

Stardard SD-Card Breakout Board


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Breakout Board for viewing Standard SD-Card signals with your Logic Analyser

The Standard SD-Card Breakout Board makes it easy for a person to tap into the signals travelling to and from a SD Card.  The one edge of the breakout board fits into the SD-card socket and the other edge has a socket where the actual SD-card goes in.  In the middle between the two edges are breakout pins which can be connected to any logic analyser in order to view the signals to and from the SD-card

Standard SD-Card Signals:

2 : SD_DATA2
4 : SD_DATA3
8 : SD_CMD
12 : SD_CLK
18 : SD_DATA0
19 : GND20 : SD_DATA1
21 : GND

The Breakout Board package includes:
Standard SD-card Breakout Board, Schematic and SD-card signal list

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