Serial Ghost DB9 Data Logger

Serial Ghost DB9 Data Logger


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2GB RS232 Serial Data Logger

The SerialGhost is a compact RS-232 and serial bus data logger.  It has a huge memory capacity of 2GB, and may be accessed as a USB Flash drive.  Almost every embedded application interface to the outside world via a UART, RS232 or RS485 serial port.  The SerialGhost allows the engineer to view and log all the data travelling over the serial port.


  • Logs asynchronous serial data - RS-232 compatible

  • Baud rates up to 115200 bps

  • Logs both Tx and Rx streams simultaneously

  • 2 Gigabytes internal memory

  • Powered from a USB port, or external power supply

  • No software or drivers required, Windows, Linux, and Mac compatible

  • USB Flash Drive mode


  • Data recording from peripherals such as printers, terminals, keyboards, mice, card readers.

  • Reverse-engineering of data exchange protocols.

  • Backups of sensitive data from devices like Points-of-Sale, barcode scanners, card readers.

  • Data logging from sensors: temperature, pressure, voltage etc.

Package Includes:
SerialGhost DB9 2G, USB-Mini cable, User manual


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