PPS2116A Programmable Power Supply

PPS2116A Programmable Power Supply


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Single Channel Programmable Benchtop Power Supply

The PPS-2116A PSU from Hantek is a single-channel programmable bench-top power supply.  It has a slim profile and all-digital controls, giving 0~32V, 0~5A under manual- or computer control.  This variable power supply runs completely silent most of the time, with an automatic fan only coming on for short times when high currents are drawn.  The PPS116A PSU allows for 5 presets and a configurable step size.

The digital interface provides for important advantages over the normal analog adjustment.  For instance, one can set the voltage and current to new values on the display and only at the final press of a button will the actual output be adjusted.  This means if the user changes the voltage from 5V to 12V, for instance, it can be done in a very clean and instant switch-over.  Another advantage of this power supply's digital interface is that five preset configurations are available that can be restored at the touch of a button.  It also provides the ability to change the voltage/current increment values when adjusting them with a knob, locking the values so they can't be changed accidentally.

The USB interface allows the variable power supply to be controlled from a computer (voltages and current) and also allows the logging of the current being drawn.  The PPS-2116A PSU comes with software and crocodile-, power- & USB cables.

PPS-2116A Programmable Power Supply Hardware Specifications:

  • Voltage Output            :  0 ~ 32V

  • Current Output            :  0 ~ 5A

  • Working Modes             :  Constant Current / Voltage, Software Control

  • Load Regulation (CV)      :  <0.01% +3 mV (1<3A) ; <0.02% +5 mV (1>3A)

  • Load Regulation (CC)      :  <0.02% +3 mA (1<3A) ; <0.02% +5 mA (1>3A)

  • Ripple & Noise (CV)       :  <1.0mV rms (1<3A) ; <2.0mV rms (1>3A)

  • Ripple & Noise (CC)       :  3A)

  • Load Stability            :  <0.01% + 3mV

  • Output voltage rise time  :  Unladen < 60ms, Loaded < 60ms

  • Output voltage fall time  :  Unladen < 100ms, Loaded < 100ms

  • Display Precision Voltage :  +- (0.5% + 2 words)

  • Display Precision Current :  +- (1% + 2 words)

  • Protection Method         :  Overcurrent protection, Overvoltage protection

  • Cooling Method            :  Automatic Fan

  • Dimensions (WxHxD)        :  100mm x 160mm x 275mm

  • Input Voltage             :  220 VAC, 60Hz/50Hz

  • Operating Temperature     :  0 ~ +40degrC

  • Operating Humidity        :  <80%

PPS-2116A Programmable  Power Supply Software Specifications:

  • Interface                  :  USB 1.1

  • Presets (Voltage & Current):  5

  • Control Methods            :  manual, preset, software (CSV file)

  • Logging                    :  CSV file

  • Voltage Step Size          :  10mV ~ 10V

The PPS package includes:
The PPS-2116A programmable power supply, AC power cable, USB cable, red & black crocodile clamp cables, CD with software.

Lead time: +- 15 working days

Here is what our clients have to say about the PPS-2116A PSU:

"Just wanted to give you some feedback on the Hantek power supply, it is very very good! I love the PC data logging, the encoder for voltage and current selection and the fine adjustment of the voltage and current, and for a brilliant price."

"The PPS-2116A is excellent value for money.  K Measure has my highest recommendations for the excellent service given and the high test equipment quality provided."

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