LAP-C 16032 entry-level 16-Channel Logic Analyser

LAP-C 16032 entry-level 16-Channel Logic Analyser

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Low-cost Logic Analyzer

This entry-level 16-channel Logic Analyser is the perfect choice for the electronic hobbyist or student.  Although the LAP-16032C from Zeroplus competes cost-wise with most basic logic analysers, it still packs some powerful features that leaves all other low-cost logic analyzers behind in the dust: the LAP16032C Logic Analyser supports 60 different protocols, complex triggers and time & frequency measurement.  Unlike most low-cost or PC-based logic analyzers in the market, our LAP-C logic analysers maintain their high sampling-rate whether you enable just one channel or all channels.

The LAP-16032C now comes with 30 protocol interpreters of your choice included at no charge.  Additional protocols can be ordered.

The LAP16032C Logic Analyser is a very affordable logic analyser with features you would expect from more high-end logic analyzers.

LAP-16032C Logic Analyser Hardware Features:
. Internal or external sampling rate up to 100 MS/s.
. Bandwidth of 75 MHz.
. Time base 5ps ~ 10 Ms.
. Working voltage -6V ~ +6V.
. Maximum input voltage -30V ~ +30V.
. Accuracy +/- 0.1V.
. Memory per channel 32 Kbit (512 Kbit total).
. USB bus powered.

LAP-16032C Logic Analyser Software Features:
. Complex trigger (consisting of multiple channels).
. Filter and filter delay.
. Trigger delay, pre-trigger and post-trigger.
. Support for 60 protocol interpreters (serial bus analysers).
. 4 Cursors with measurements like frequency, interval, delta time, etc.
. Data statistics logging & data search functionality.
. File export to image- or data file.
. Operating Systems: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / Win7 / Win10.

The 16-channel Logic Analyser package includes:
the LAP16032C Logic Analyzer, 30 Protocols of choice, Logic Analyser cables & 8x LA Test Hooks, USB cable, logic analyser software, manual.


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