Isolated Front-End for Oscilloscopes

Isolated Front-End for Oscilloscopes


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Isolated Front-End Module for Oscilloscopes

Converts any oscilloscope into a 2000V Isolated Scope

The ISFE from Siglent converts any oscilloscope into a 2000V isolated scope.  It can turn a low-cost PC-based oscilloscope into an expensive isolated oscilloscope, at a fraction of the price.  This is ideal for people that have to measure mains voltage or higher with their oscilloscopes.  It can also be used to measure 3-phase voltages and also for vehicle measurements where some voltage spikes can go into the hundreds of volts.

Just some of the applications for the Isolated Front-End Module where isolation is important is:

1. Medical equipment maintenance
2. Industrial power source design
3. Motor power analysis
4. Floating ground differential signal analysis

Oscilloscope Specifications:
Channels                              :  2
Input voltage range                   :  -600Vpk ~ +600Vpk
Max isolated voltage between channels :  2,000 Vrms
Max isolated voltage to ground        :  1,000 Vrms
Voltage attenuation ratio             :  about 200:1
Bandwidth                              :  ≤ 1MHz
Output voltage range                  :  -3Vpk ~ +3Vpk
Input impedance                        :  10 MΩ
Working voltage                       :  5V ±5%, USB supply power
Working current                       :  < 200 mA
Weight                                :  170g
Dimensions                            :  141mm×81mm×26mm

Package Includes:
ISFE module, 2 BNC-to-BNC adapters, 2 BNC to Crocodile cables, USB power cable, printed manual

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