HT25 Auto Ignition Probe

HT25 Auto Ignition Probe


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HT25 Auto Ignition Probe

The Hantek HT25 Auto ignition test probe is an inductive capacitance sensor that connects to your Automotive Oscilloscope with a BNC connector. The high-voltage line cable ends in 2 clips, a ground clip and a pickup clip.

Used in combination with an oscilloscope, the HT25 Auto Probe can be used to test a spark ignition secondary overlapping wave, overlapping wave parameters, thus achieved the detection, the diagnosis engine ignition position, make each cylinder ignition voltage changing with time directly from the oscilloscope display.

The pickup clip is an attenuator, used for picking up high-pressure attenuation for low pressure, thus protecting the oscilloscope from electrical charge.

Cable length: 250cm

When used please note:

(1) Test clips shall not directly clip in spark plug, but should be caught in the connection of the spark plugs of insulation wire, in order to prevent the breakdown and causing a shock.

(2) To avoid interferance, distance other high-voltage at least 2 inches apart.

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