TotalPhase High-Speed Flash Board

TotalPhase High-Speed Flash Board


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High-Speed SPI Flash Board

The High-Speed SPI Flash Demo Board is a useful tool for electronic developers working with high-speed SPI flash memory.  This SPI flash development board comes with a known good slave memory device that is capable of communicating at 50MHz.

The SPI Flash Board can work with the Cheetah SPI Adapter, which is specifically designed for systems with high-speed SPI memory.  The Cheetah SPI converter has an API supporting various languages as well as Labview drivers.

SPI Flash Board Features:

.  Ideal for electronic development, diagnostic or educational purposes.
.  Provides known working SPI flash memory for testing and debugging purposes.
.   Allows an easy connection between a Cheetah SPI Host Adapter and Aardvark I2C & SPI Host Adapter or a Beagle I2C & SPI Protocol Analyser.
.  Pass-through connector for GPIO pins.
.  Flash-device : M25P32 32 Mbit, Low Voltage, Serial Flash Memory with 50MHz SPI Bus Interface (Numonyx).

The SPI Flash Board Package Includes:
High-Speed SPI Flash Board; CD with documentation; code examples in C, Visual Basic, Python and Aardvark-XML batch script.

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