HDG1012A 20MHz Waveform Generator

HDG1012A 20MHz Waveform Generator


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20MHz Bench-top Arbitrary Waveform Generator

The HDG1012A from Hantek is a 20MHz general-purpose bench-top AWG for electronics professionals that prefer to not use a PC-based waveform generator.

It uses Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) and has very good specifications for its price range.  This arbitrary waveform generator offers all the advanced functionality you would expect from a professional waveform generator, like customised waveforms, sweeping function, AM & FM modulation, dual independent outputs and a computer interface.

It also offers some innovative features not found in many high-end waveform generators, like the "AB Add" function.

AWG Specifications:
Channels               :  2 (independent operation)
Frequency Range        :  40mHz ~ 10MHz
Frequency Accuracy     :  ± (5×10-5 + 40mHz)
Sampling Frequency     :  100 MS/s
Output Voltage Range   :  20mVpp ~ 20Vpp
Resolution             :  8 bit

Advanced Features:
Playback Modes         :  Single-cycle, Repetitive, External-Triggered
Wave Input Sources     :  Predefined
Predefined Waves       :  Sine, Square, Ramp, Pulse, Noise, Arbitrary, 32 predefined waveforms
Modulation Function    :  AM, FM, (internal or external carrier frequency)
Sweep Function         :  yes
Simultaneous TTL Output:  yes
A-B Add function       :  yes

Power source           :  110 / 220 VAC
Computer Interface     :  RS232
Display                :  3.5" colour TFT
Dimensions             :  415mm×295mm×195mm
Weight                 :  3.5kg

Package Includes
The package includes the HDG1012A Waveform Generator, BNC-to-Crocodile cable, BNC-to-BNC cable, Power cable and a CD with software & manual.

Lead time: +- 15 working days

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