DSO3062AL Hybrid Oscilloscope

DSO3062AL Hybrid Oscilloscope


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DSO-3062AL Oscilloscope, Logic Analyser, Spectrum Analyser, Wave Generator & Frequency Counter

The DSO3062AL hybrid test instrument from Hantek is the perfect companion for the modern electronics hardware and embedded software engineer because it can view and analyse both digital and analogue signals via an integrated oscilloscope and logic analyser, as well as function as a waveform generator and a spectrum analyser.

This mixed signal oscilloscope has many advanced features like mixed-signal triggering, X-Y plotting, 23 signal measurements including frequency, RMS, pulse width and duty cycle, and lastly 4 different FFT methods.  It connects via USB2.0, and Ethernet and WiFi connection modules are optional.  This multifunction scope packs the following instruments into one: (1) Oscilloscope, (2) Logic Analyser, (3) Spectrum Analyser, (4) Arbitrary Waveform Generator, (5) Frequency Counter.

Oscilloscope Specifications:
. Scope Channels: 2.
. Max Sampling Rate: 200 MS/s (1 channel, 100 MS/s (2 channels).
. Bandwidth: 60 MHz.
. Voltage Resolution: 8 bit.
. Memory Depth: 16 Msa.
. Maximum Input Voltage: 400V.Logic Analyser Specifications:
. LA Channels: 16.
. Sampling speed: 100 MS/s.
. Bandwidth: 10 MHz.
. Memory depth: 68Msa / channel.
. Absolute Max Input Voltage: -60V ~ +60V.
. Measurable Input Voltage: 400V.
. Compatible Input Levels: TTL, LVTTL, CMOS, LVCMOS, ECL, PECL, EIA.Arbitrary

Waveform Specifications:
. Channels: 1.
. DAC Sampling Speed: 200 MS/s.
. Waveform Frequency: 0 ~ 25 MHz.
. Frequency Resolution: 0.1%.
. Frequency Stability: < 30ppm.
. Memory Depth: 4 Ksa.
. Voltage Amplitude: -3.5V ~ +3.5V.
. Voltage resolution: 12 bit.
. Output Impedance: 50.
. Max Input Current: 50mA.Spectrum Analyser Specifications:
. FFT Methods: Rectangular, Hanning, Hamming, Blackman Window.
. Sampling Rate: 200 MS/s.
. Bandwidth: 60 MHz.
. Voltage Resolution: 8 bit.
. Memory Depth: 16 Msal.General Specifications:
. AC Power Source: 220 ~ 260VAC.
. DC Power Source: 8 ~ 36V (suitable for vehicle battery operation).
. Enclosure: Ruggedised case for industrial and automotive use.
. Dimensions: 255 x 190 x 45 mm.
. Computer Interface: USB2.0, LAN (optional), WiFi (optional).

Software Features of DSO3062AL:
. Mixed signal display of Oscilloscope and Logic Analyser signals.
. Mixed triggering between Oscilloscope, LA and AWG.
. 23 Oscilloscope measurements:Including Over-/Undershoot, RMS, Duty cycle, Rise/Fall time, Horizontal and Vertical cursors.
. X-Y (circular plotting)
. Mathematical functions on waveforms, e.g. Ch5 = Ch1+Ch4.
. Reference waveforms can be stored and loaded for comparison.
. Recording of real-time input data.
. Pass/Fail Testing.
. SDK available for application development (Labview, VisualC, VB).

The DSO3062AL Multifunction Oscilloscope Package Includes:
DSO3062AL Hybrid Oscilloscope, two oscilloscope test probes, Logic analyser probes, LA test hooks, USB cable, CD with PC software and manual, carry bag.


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