DSO1062B 60MHz Scopemeter

DSO1062B 60MHz Scopemeter


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Portable Handheld Digital Oscilloscopes / Multimeters

The DSO1062B Scopemeter (Oscilloscope & Multimeter combination) is the smaller brother of the DSO-1200 Digital Storage Oscilloscope & Multimeter from Hantek.  This dual-trace Scopemeter is versatile, intuitive and portable with a long battery life and oscilloscope, multimeter as well as spectrum analyser functionality and with 800V isolation.  The two-channel instrument captures data at 1 GS/s over a 60MHz bandwidth.  It features a USB2.0 interface, is battery- or AC-powered and has a large backlit display, intuitive menu-driven user-interface, 23 measurements and pass/fail testing.  The handheld DSO-1062B is very suitable both for field and electronic lab work.  This Scopemeter offers surprising features at the very affordable price.  After 7 years of being Hantek's distributor in South Africa, the DSO-1060 Scopemeter has become one of our best selling products, and this is the new much faster version.

Digital Oscilloscope Specifications:
. Dual Channel (dual-trace) oscilloscope
. 1 GS/s sampling rate
. 60 MHz bandwidth oscilloscope
. 8 bit resolution
. Isolated groundDigital Multimeter Specifications:
. Multimeter Testing modes: Voltage, Current, Resistance, Capacitance, Diode and Continuity
. Max input voltage: 800 VDC & 600 VAC
. Max input current: 10 A (AC&DC)
. Max input impedance:  10 Mohm
. Isolated groundGeneral Technical Specifications of Scopemeter:
. USB2.0 PC-Interface (Optional RS232 & LAN)
. Battery or AC powered (up to 6 hours battery life)
. Large 320x240 backlit displayScopemeter Software Features:
. Very intuitive UI (user interface).
. 23 Oscilloscope measurements including:
  Min/Max, Overshoot/Undershoot, Mean, RMS, +/- duty cycle and rise/fall time.
. Horisontal and Vertical Cursors.
. FFT analysis (Spectrum Analyser).
. X-Y (circular) plotting of data.
. Mathematical functions on oscilloscope waveforms, e.g. Ch3 = Ch1+Ch2.
. 1000 Waveforms can be stored and retrieved for comparison.
. Pass / Fail Testing

The DSO1062B Scopemeter Package Includes:
DSO-1062B handheld Scopemeter, two 60MHz Oscilloscope Test Probes, two Multimeter Probes, USB cable to connect oscilloscope to your PC, AC Power Supply, Printed User Manual, PC-Software CD, travel bag.


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