DDS3X25 USB Waveform Generator

DDS3X25 USB Waveform Generator


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Professional Programmable Waveform Generator & Pattern Generator

The DDS-3X25 Programmable Waveform & Pattern Generator is a very powerful high-speed PC-based function generator.  With an intuitive software user interface but also a stand-alone mode and full compatibility with the Tektronix data format this waveform and pattern generator was designed for use in the electronic lab as well as the manufacturing line and also automated testing.  The DDS3X25 Wave Generator offers excellent specifications at a very affordable price.

Waveform Generator Specifications:

. 1 analog & 12 digital channels
. DC-75 MHz (sine wave) or DC-25MHz (programmable waves)
. 0.1% Frequency accuracy, 30ppm stability
. 12 bit Voltage resolution
. +/- 3.5V 100mA (peak) 50ohm output
. USB2.0 or AC powered

Frequency Counter Specifications:
. DC-50MHz Frequency input
. 400mV - 18V (peak-peak)
. 100K-ohm impedance

Waveform Generator Software Features:
. Intuitive software that mimics the user interface of a benchtop waveform / function generator
. Includes the following predefined waveforms:  sine, square, triangle, sawtooth, TTL, trapezia,  exponent. White noise and Gauss noise generation
. AM and FM modulation
. Custom waveform generation via mouse or CSV file
. Sweep function
. Analog & Digital (12 bit) representation of the same waveform
. Stand-alone operation or PC-controlled
. External trigger mode
. Single-cycle output
. "Sync" digital output signal
. Multiple channels via daisy-chain configuration
. Tektronix data format (import & export)
. Labview drivers
. Full SDK (DLL file, Visual Basic, Visual C++)

The Function Generator package includes:
DDS-3X25 programmable waveform generator, coax cable with BNC connectors, USB cable, CD wiith PC-software, user manual.


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