CC650 650A Current Clamp

CC650 650A Current Clamp

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650A AC/DC Current Probe for Multimeters & Oscilloscopes

The CC-650 Current Clamp from Hantek enables an engineer or technician to measure the electrical current in a conductor in a non-invasive way.  This current clamp can measure both DC and AC currents up to 650A.  What sets it apart is that it can be connected to both an oscilloscope and multimeter (by using the optional BNC-Banana adapter for multimeter connection) to measure and view current waveforms.  This enables a person to take very accurate readings of maximum current, minimum current etc.

The CC-650 Current Clamp comes at a very affordable price too.

CC-650 Current Clamp Specifications:
. Measure DC Current 0 ~ 650A (Accuracy: +-3% + 2A of numerical reading)
. AC Current Accuracy:  0 ~ 500A: +-3% + 2A of numerical reading
  500 ~ 600A: +-6% + 2A of numerical reading
  600 ~ 650A: +-8% + 2A of numerical reading
. Frequency Response: DC ~ 400Hz
. Output: 1mV/100mA
. Zero Adjustment calibration button
. Battery-low warning
. Clamp size: 45mm x 31mm. Dimensions:178mm x 70 x 33mm

The Current Clamp Adapter package includes:
CC-650 Current Probe, Current Clamp Adapter User Manual.

Please note:  To use the CC-650 Current Clamp with a multimeter, you will need to buy the optional BNC to Banana Adapter.


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