Amprobe AMB25 Megohmmeter

Amprobe AMB25 Megohmmeter


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AMB-25 Digital Megohmmeter

These rugged Megohmmeters, or Insulation Resistance Testers from Amprobe are fast and easy to use, and offer the features you need for most electrical insulation test applications, including wires, cables, transformers, and motors.

AMB-25 Megohmmeter Features:
. Tests insulation of wires, cables, transformers and electrical motors
. Selectable test voltages 250V, 500V and 1000V
. Programmable timer to perform di-electric absorption ratio test 
. Button Lock for di-electric Absorption Ratio Test
. Sensitive ohmmeter for checking resistance of motor windings

AMB-25 Megohmmeter Specifications:
. Insulation Resistance 250VDC: 40MΏ ~ 400MΏ
. Insulation Resistance 500VDC: 400MΏ ~ 1000MΏ
. Insulation Resistance 1000VDC: 400MΏ ~ 2000MΏ
. Resistance 9V: 999.9ohm

The Digital Megohmmeter package includes:
AMB-25 Megohmmeter, Test leads, users manual, batteries (installed).

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