HT307 Acupuncture Probes

HT307 Acupuncture Probes


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Automotive Diagnostics Acupuncture Pins Set

For engine diagnostics and debugging these acupuncture probes can be used with the DSO-3064 4-Channel PC-based digital oscilloscope, the Hantek-1008 Automotive Oscilloscope, or with any other automotive oscilloscope.  Use this back-pinning probes to probe small and fragile connectors, and also for insulation piercing on small gauge wires.

The Hantek HT307 Acupuncture Probes come with extra needles and screws so you can repair bent pins easily by yourself - just remove the screw, pull out the needle and replace with a new one.

The HT307 Acupuncture Probe Set consists of 5 colour-coded pins, extra needles and screws.

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