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Voltage and Current Data Loggers

There are many applications where one needs to log voltage, temperature or power consumption.  Examples of these are monitoring the power usage of an appliance such as a fridge or logging the current consumption of an electronic device over an extended period of time in order to calculate realistic battery lifetime.  To fill this need K Measure added 2 data loggers to its range of data loggers:

The VA602-V1-A1 can measure, display and log DC voltage from 0 - 10V with an accuracy of 20mV and DC current from 0 - 24mA with an accuracy of 50uA.
The VA602-V2-A2 can measure, display and log AC voltage from 0 - 600V with an accuracy of 1V, and together with a current clamp, also AC current from 0 - 24mA with an accuracy of 1%.
Other features are a build-in battery that is charged via the USB port and enough memory and battery capacity to last 3 years (when recording a measurement every hour).  The display can show the real-time, minimum or maximum values, they have configurable alarms and the alarms can be used to start recording.  They also come with an IP45 rating, magnetic mounting and very easy-to-use software (can be set up in less than 5 minutes).

 - Article published in Dataweek, 29 April 2015

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