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SeeBox shortlisted for the Innovation for Africa Prize

The Seebox (Science, Engineering and Education box), designed by K Measure, has been short-listed for the prestigious Innovation for Africa Prize.  The SeeBox is sophisticated 6-in-1 test instrument with an ecosystem of applications specifically for training in electronics and science.  It makes it possible for a school to offer electronics as an extracurricular subject to their learners without the need for an electronics teacher.  The learner will watch a short animated video explaining a basic concept in electronics, after which the learner will apply what he has learner on a playboard, building a specific circuit.  The SeeBox will keep record of a student's progress, the videos watched and circuits built.

At the same time the SeeBox is still a professional test instrument offering unparalleled integration of data to the engineer.  This integration of test instruments brings about a significant saving in cost, space and time, as well as exceptional possibilities with the integration of data, such as automatic event correlation, predictive measurements, smart analysis of serial buses and programmable triggering.  A practical example is: the SeeBox's multimeter readings are integrated with all the other instruments, so an engineer can, for instance, use the current measurement from the multimeter to trigger another instrument to start doing measurements, or even trigger a channel on the power supply to switch a circuit on or off.

- 24 April 2015

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